1. You can take away freedom of expression, you can take away democracy… but you can NEVER take away gay Sherlock fan fiction.



  3. Because it’s not usually deemed socially acceptable to post ‘feeling sad’, ‘feeling insecure’ etc on social networks, Facebook and Twitter’s near-exclusive-positivity can lead to a spiral of bleh:

    1. It looks like everyone else is happier than you, because everyone’s only posting about being happy.

    2. You feel bad for not feeling happy like everyone else seems to be.

    3. Because you’re unhappy, you don’t feel like you can post.

    4. Your inability to post leaves you a bit isolated too.

    5. You could always talk to a friend, but you feel like there’s only so many times they will listen to ‘I’m feeling sad and I don’t know why’ etc.

    6. More isolation.

    7. More sadness.

    8. “Did I really get this sad just from looking at Facebook?”

    9. “Well, shit.”

    This sucks because it’s not avoidable unless you’re happy ALL THE TIME (in which case you probably aren’t human). It also sucks because the premise of everyone being happy is also a lie.

    There are loads of other people on your friends list who are feeling sad too, but they’re also not posting about how they feel. A large proportion of the people who ARE posting happy things, too, will just be trying to act happier than they are because it’s more socially acceptable.

    The end result is on social networks you only ever get at most half the picture, and it’s a skewed half. In real life people get sad. A lot. And it sucks that social networks don’t reflect that at all.

    So this is me, giving you permission to post about it on Facebook and Twitter whenever you’re feeling sad.

    It’s not attention seeking, it’s accurately portraying your current feelings on a platform intended to do that, to people who have expressly opted in to receiving exactly those updates on your life.

    And you know what? Your ‘feeling sad’ post might reach other people feeling sad, and they might internally give themselves permission to feel sad and talk about feeling sad.

  4. Rivers: quite pretty.


  5. I don’t think it’s possible to enjoy being unemployed.

    It’s isolation.

    It’s constant aimlessness.

    It’s feeling useless, like you have nothing to contribute.

    It’s near-poverty.

    It’s being humiliated on a weekly basis at the jobcentre.

    It’s the very real threat of being made to work for nothing in Poundland or facing complete destitution.

    It’s filling out so many unsuccessful applications for places you liked that any passion you had for what you want to do is completely stripped out.

    It’s being screwed around by HR managers, and their countless cockups costing you opportunities.

    It’s the self loathing that builds up, as you start to believe it is your own fault you’re unemployed, because that’s what the system is geared to tell you.

    It’s the voice inside you that wonders whether you got turned down after interview because you’re too camp, too unattractive, because you speak the wrong way, because you suffer from anxiety.

    It’s facing real prejudice from potential employers and being powerless to do anything about it.

    It’s your employed friends (intentionally or otherwise) making you feel tiny, offering to pay for everything and always ‘suggesting’ ways to get a job because obviously they know better than you and your 100+ job applications.

    It’s bitterness.
    Bitterness at the system, bitterness at employers, bitterness at your friends and family, bitterness at anyone who gets in your way.

    David Cameron would have you believe people who are unemployed love it, and they’re having the time of their lives.
    He is wrong.

  6. Salmon and cream cheese gnocchi bake


  7. I don’t really like saying ‘goodbye’ or ‘see you later’.

    I usually say ‘have fun’, because if I get hit by a bus the next day, at least my parting words double as good life advice.

  9. I like boats because you can take really awful, amateurish photos of them and it still looks pretty.

  10. This is Juliette, the most adorable kitten in the world, who we saw at a cat sanctuary today. I’m still quite upset she can’t just be mine forever.